We farm at a prime location in the centre of Saxony near the town of Nossen. We specialise in the main crops of wheat, grain maize, rapeseed and barley. These products sometimes serve as a feed basis for the keeping of livestock or are directly processed and become healthy foods.

Keeping of livestock

Pigs have been fatted at our yard since 2001. We extended this stock of pigs in 2006. We are aware that the meat quality is not only increased by healthy feeding but also through natural animal husbandry. But correct and healthy feeding alone is not nearly sufficient. An ideal stable climate is key for a good final product, which aims to provide healthy foods.

Our pigs are sold via regional trade routes. The organic fertilisation of the livestock covers a large portion of the nutrient requirements in farming. This thus closes a nutrient cycle with the farming.

Agricultural services

All manner of services are offered ranging from the sowing of maize and grain to harvesting and extending to the drying and storage of grain, maize and rapeseed. We are happy to advise and support you ranging from individual working processes to agricultural services.

From 2017 onwards we offer you the analysis of your grain and your feeding stuffs in terms of the protein, starch, fat/oil content. We also purchase your feed grain to supplement the feed supply in our stock farming.